Top 7 recipes you must eat in Diwali

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Diwali is most important festival in India and celebrated across all parts. The festival is light is a divine celebration for victory of good over bad. Apart from lighting and firecrackers one most important angle about Diwali celebration is unique recipes which are prepared.
Although due to today’s modern and urbanized lifestyle, people spend less time at home during celebrations. But Diwali has always been exception where entire family comes together to celebrate happiness.
Let us look at Top 7 recipes you must eat in Diwali
Sweet Shankarpali
Popular snack which is prepared both as sweet and salty. However, sweet Shankarpali is more famous during Diwali.
Ingredients: Ghee, Sugar, Milk, Maida/ wheat flour, Oil and salt
Spiral shape snack is very famous due to its taste as well as crispiness. Diwali faral is incomplete without Chakali.
Ingredients for Chakali Flour: Chana Dal, Urad Dal, White Rice, Cumin seeds and Coriander seeds
Ingredients for Chakali Recipe:
Chakali Bhajani (Chakali Flour), water, Asafoetida Powder, Sesame seeds, Carom Seeds (Ajwain), Red Chili Powder, Ghee, Salt and Oil
Karanji also known as Gujiya is traditional sweet made during Diwali as part of faral. It is filled with soft coconut, jaggery, semolina and spices.  
Ingredients: Grated Coconut(dry / fresh), powdered Sugar / Jaggery, Cardamom Powder, Poppy seeds , roasted Fine Rava (Semolina) all for filling while Maida, Pure Ghee, Milk, salt and oil for covering.
Poha Chivda
Poha Chivda made from rice flakes is one of most popular Diwali recipe in India. Amazing part of taste in Poha Chivda is you get all flavors such as spicy, salty and sweet.
Ingredients: Thin Poha, puffed rice / murmura, peanuts, chana dalia, cashewnuts, raisins, sliced dry coconut, green chilies, coriander powder, cumin powder, red chilli powder, turmeric powder, safoetida, sugar, salt and oil
Popular Diwali sweet made from white rice and jiggery is very famous in Maharashtra and Central India. Unique taste of Anarsa comes due to high proportion of jiggery added in it.
Ingredients: white Rice, grated jiggery, Poppy seeds (khaskhas) and Oil/ Ghee
Besan Laddu
Besan laddu is very popular sweet item across all parts of India. During Diwali sweet and mithai menu is incomplete without Besan Laddu.
Ingredients: Besan, Ghee (melted), Powdered Sugar, Cardamom Powder (optional), Raisins, cashew-nuts, Almonds chopped
Diwali faral is perfect mix of sweet, salty and spicy items. Sev is considered as necessary Diwali faral item served with Chivada, Chakali and sweets. Cripsy Sev made in variety of sizes makes Diwali snack interesting and tempting.
These are Top 7 recipes you must eat in Diwali to celebrate festival of lights. But nothing would give you more joy than enjoying these items with family and friends together.
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