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Suggestion to control “Crime against Women”

Written By Unknown on Wednesday, 26 December 2012 | 26.12.12

Honorable Chief Justice Of India - Mr. J.S. Verma ji,
Thank you very much for providing opportunity to Indian citizens to express their opinions regarding growing menace of crime against women.
Few of the points which I feel could be helpful while drafting effective and actionable law to restrict these crimes are:
·         Crime like “Rape” is far more serious than murder as Murder is “encroachment on right to live” while Rape is “encroachment in right to live with dignity”

·         Rape or sexual offence could be categorize into 3 ways

a)      Rape / Sexual offense against adult woman / young girl (Age more than 12 years);

Punishment in this case should be at least 10 years with maximum sentence could be capital punishment.

b)      Rape / sexual offense against minor (Age less than 12 years)

As victim in this case in not only incapable of providing any resistance but also unable to understand the nature of crime being innocent; the minimum punishment should be “Life imprisonment” to maximum of capital punishment.

c)       Gangrape / sexual offense committed by group of people
Any sexual crime performed by “group of people” deserves capital punishment only if proven guilty. As they are not at all fit to live as human beings or social animals and could result in severe risk for entire humanity in future as well.
·         In all cases, entire legal process should be finish within 90 days from the day police captures the criminals

·         If proven guilty, financial punishment should also be given and recovered money should be handed over to victim or family

·         Only police officers with good track record and not having any corruption allegations should handle cases related to crime against women

·         Use of all possible technological equipments / gadgets must be made mandatory for investigation team to use and must be made available. We certainly don’t need large team size to tackle these issues. Team of 11 people per district is more than sufficient considering overall crime statistics

·         Any new complaint filed at any police station at any place in any state in the country should be reported to central database / control room within 24 hours. This would certainly improve monitoring as well as compliance

·         Apart from actual criminals, people helping them to indulge into the crime must be given minimum sentence of 7 years + financial compensation

·         Accountability of Government and authorities

If crime is performed at public places then respective local authorities should also be made party in the case as they are responsible for providing adequate safety measures for general public visiting those places. Concerned officers must be punished strictly with punishment ranging from termination from service, fine to jail term. Same law should apply to private organizations such as school, hospitals, theatres etc.

Honorable Chief Justice Of India - Mr. J.S. Verma ji,
These are some of the suggestions which you may consider to make this country better and safer place for women /our mothers /sisters and everyone.
Thank you again
“The society where women are not respected is made of animals”

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